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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

a project of Steiner Online Library, a public charity

Annual Update and Fundraising Drive

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November 1, 2022

It has been about a year since Steiner Online Library assumed responsibility for the Rudolf Steiner Archive from the eLib, Inc.* After a challenging transition, we are happy to report we have made great progress. While donations are less than expected and down almost 50% from October of last year, we hope our list of accomplishments will inspire you to support us financially.

  • Faster and stronger. We replaced nearly the entire website platform, which was built upon outdated, unstable technology that would crash frequently. The website is now stable and substantially faster.
  • Reliability. There has been zero downtime since February 21, 2022. We successfully kept the service up and running while updating 90% of the code base.
  • Widespread Use. The Rudolf Steiner Archive has 5,000-6,000 unique visitors per day. The Anthroposophical community links to our website for teaching and study group materials, on personal and professional websites, and on social media.
  • Worldwide Reach. As the largest digital library of Steiner’s works in English, our site is a portal for people who prefer digital media, don’t read German, and may not have translations in their native language.
  • Customized Search. We are in the process of building a new database and custom search engine that will provide greatly expanded search capability. The new search tools can also be used by people in countries where Google-enhanced search is banned, such as in mainland China. Test the beta-version here. Send us your feedback to [email protected].
  • Complete GA List. By using our new database, we added a soon-to-be complete list of all of Steiner’s works by volume number/GA. While we list them all, we offer links to those titles currently available on our site.

Despite our progress, we have some financial challenges. We worked the first ten months with no pay, living on our personal savings. With the current low level of donations that we are receiving, our current mode of operations is not sustainable.

If you or your organization use and value our service, please donate to this fundraising drive. Consider making ongoing monthly or periodic donations to help to ensure our viability.

Thank you!

Chris & Karin Wietrzykowski

* Please note that donations to the eLib, Inc. no longer support the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Donations to our work should be made to Steiner Online Library.