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April 12, 2024

We are pleased to announce our custom Solr search engine v1.0 developed specifically for the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Using powerful, Solr open-source software, we cleaned, restructured and reformatted the content of this site to produce accurate searches and provide a strong foundation to build upon as we grow. Now searching is simple, accurate, and allows for complex queries for in depth research of the works of Rudolf Steiner.

We are the only website offering such powerful research tools for the works of Rudolf Steiner in English. The Rudolf Steiner Archive now offers:

  • Searchable books, lectures and articles producing accurate results with clean text.
  • Convenient options to narrow one's search by Volume/GA, date, author, translator, city, and title.
  • Accurate, automatic title, phrase, and quote search.
  • Suggestions for misspelled words and the ability to search ranges of volumes and dates.
  • Special tools for searching solely by date, volume/GA (including a complete list of all works classified in a GA whether or not we have it available), authors other than Rudolf Steiner, and topics of interest.
  • Reliable, clean interface, accessible on all devices with formatted print and download.

When we assumed responsibility for the Rudolf Steiner Archive in October 2021, the site was still operating on outdated, unreliable technology developed during the early days of the Internet. We rebuilt the site, its database and search tools to ensure its scalability to accommodate our ever-growing audience. Since 2021 the site has doubled its reach from approximately 5,000 unique visitors each day to over 10,000 today.

If you enjoy this service and value searching this content in English, please consider making a donation to help make this site financially viable. If you can't support us financially now, consider adding us to your will and send us books for resale in our new bookstore. Together, we can ensure this material reaches more people for research and educational purposes.

Although the search tool works automatically, consider taking a few moments to review its capabilities. Thank you for using the Rudolf Steiner Archive.