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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Philosophy of Freedom
GA 4

English translations of this book from 1922 to 1963 were published with the title The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. This is a revised translation of Steiner's groundbreaking philosophical work on the nature of freedom and thinking. The Philosophy of Freedom demonstrates the fact of freedom — the ability to think and act independently — as a possibility for modern consciousness. Read properly, it leads the reader to the experience of presence or living thinking — new thinking — by which all human activity may be renewed. This offering is a translation This is the seventh English edition, translated from the German, and with an Introduction by Michael Wilson.

Knowledge of Freedom

  1. Conscious Human Action
  2. he Fundamental Desire for Knowledge
  3. Thinking in the Service of Knowledge
  4. The World as Percept
  5. The Act of Knowing the World
  6. Human Individuality
  7. Are There Limits to Knowledge?

The Reality of Freedom

  1. The Factors of Life
  2. The Idea of Freedom
  3. Freedom — Philosophy and Monism
  4. World Purpose and Life Purpose
  5. Moral Imagination
  6. The Value of Life
  7. Individuality and Species

Ultimate Questions

  1. The Consequences of Monism