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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Festivals of the Seasons
various GAs

A collection of festival-related lectures originally published in 1928 by The philosophical-Anthroposophical publishing Co. Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Edited by H. Collison

I. The Mystery of Golgotha I April 25, 1907
II. The Mystery of Golgotha II April 1, 1907
III. The Festival of Easter I April 10, 1909
IV. The Festival of Easter II April 11, 1909
V. The Christmas Tree: A Symbolic Rendering December 21, 1909
VI. The Spirit of Christmas December 26, 1909
VII. Whitsuntide: A Whitsuntide Reflection May 15, 1910
VIII. Christmas: A Festival of Inspiration December 21, 1911
IX. Thoughts of Christmas Eve December 24, 1912
X. A Christmas Lecture December 26, 1914
XI. The Baldor Myth and the Good Friday Mystery I April 2, 1915
XII. The Baldor Myth and the Good Friday Mystery II April 3, 1915
XIII. Easter and Whitsuntide I April 4, 1915
XIV. Easter and Whitsuntide II April 11, 1915
XV. Easter and Whitsuntide III May 22, 1915
XVI. The Golden Legend and a German Christmas Play December 19, 1915
XVII. Meditations on the New Year: The Year as a Symbol of the Great Cosmic Year December 31, 1915
XVIII. Meditations on the New Year: On the Duty of Clear, Sound Thinking January 26, 1916
XIX. Meditations on the New Year: Perceiving and Remembering January 2, 1916