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Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 34

In secret inwardly to feel
How all that I've preserved of old
Is quickened by new-risen sense of self:
This shall, awakening, pour forth cosmic forces
Into the outer actions of my life
And growing, mould me into true existence.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 8

The senses' might grows strong
United with the gods' creative work;
It presses down my power of thinking
Into a dreamlike dullness.
When godly being
Desires union with my soul,
Must human thinking
In quiet dream-life rest content.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Eurythmy as Visible Singing
GA 278

Overleaf: The Eurythmy Figures

In 1921 the sculptress Edith Maryon endeavoured to make models of the eurythmy gestures. However, it was found that eurythmy could not be suitably represented in this medium, and Steiner then designed the wooden eurythmy figures that have since become well known. He gave indications regarding the production and colouring of these figures, some of which remain extant in the original and some in copies by Edith Maryon. The complete set was published as Skizzen zu den Eurythmiefiguren [Dornach 1957] (‘Sketches for the eurythmy figures’). The two following examples (the only ones for music) for the major and minor chords are reduced in size by about one third. The figures have been redrawn and newly coloured by Annemarie Bäschlin, and are published as Die Eurythmie-Figuren von Rudolf Steiner [Dornach 1989] (Rudolf Steiner's eurythmy figures’).

The words written in the two sketches are : orange — orange, violett — violet, rot-Karmin — carmine red, blaurot — bluish red, grün — green, Melos — Melos, Rhythmus — rhythm, Takt — beat. (See also Endnote 47 in Vol. 2.)

Eurythmy figure for the major triad
Eurythmy figure for the minor triad

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