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Year Lecture Title Book Title City Volume
1905 Goethe's Secret Revelation Origin and Goal of the Human Being Berlin 53
1910 The Three Millenia Before and After Christ Not Yet Available Cologne 68a
1911 Predisposition, Talent, and the Education of Man in the Light of Spiritual Scienc Not Yet Available Basel 69b
1911 Wisdom, Piety and Prudence Not Yet Available Basel 127
1912 Esoteric Lesson From the Contents of Esoteric Classes II: 1910–1912 Stuttgart 266-II
1918 Sleeping, Dreaming, Waking and Willing, Feeling, Thinking. The Relationship Between the Living and the Dead. The Impulses of the Dead in Historical Life. The Role of Central Europe Not Yet Available Stuttgart 174b
1921 Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and the Great Questions of Civilization Today Not Yet Available The Hague 80c
1921 Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and the Great Questions of our Present Civilization Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy I The Hague 304
1924 Karma and Freedom Karma Dornach 235
1924 Lecture III Karmic Relationships I Dornach 235
1924 Choral Eurythmy Eurythmy as Visible Singing Dornach 278
1924 Anabolism and catabolism in the human organism. Significance of secretions From Elephants to Einstein Dornach 352