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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Practical Course for Teachers
GA 294

Together with Study of Man and Discussions with Teachers these discussions form the basic training material given by Steiner to the teachers of the first Waldorf school. Here are 14 lectures, given at Stuttgart at the founding of the first Waldorf School in August and September of 1919. This is a First Edition, English translation of this important pedagogical Course.

These lectures have also been published in English with the title, Practical Advice to Teachers, and are published in German with the title, Erziehungskunst. Methodisch-didaktisches (vol. 294 in the Bibliographic Survey).

Translation Authorized by Harry Collison

Editor's Preface
I.Introduction — Aphoristic remarks on Artistic Activity, Arithmetic, Reading, and Writing August 21, 1919
II.On Language — the Oneness of man with the Universe August 22, 1919
III.On the Plastically Formative Arts, Music, and Poetry August 23, 1919
IV.The First School-lesson — Manual Skill, Drawing and Painting — the Beginnings of Language-teaching August 25, 1919
V.Writing and Reading — Spelling August 26, 1919
VI.On the Rhythm of Life and Rhythmical Repetition in Teaching August 27, 1919
VII.The Teaching in the Ninth Year — Natural History — the Animal Kingdom August 28, 1919
VIII.Education After the Twelfth — History — Physics August 29, 1919
IX.On the Teaching of Languages August 30, 1919
X.Arranging the Lesson up to the Fourteenth Year September 01, 1919
XI.On the Teaching of Geography September 02, 1919
XII.How to Connect School with Practical Life September 03, 1919
XIII.On Drawing up the Time-table September 04, 1919
XIV.Moral Educative Principles and their Transition to Practice September 05, 1919
Concluding Remarks (Extra Lecture) September 06, 1919