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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Riddle of Humanity
GA 170

Fifteen lectures given in Dornach to members of the Anthroposophical Society 29 July to 3 September, 1916. Published in German as: Das Raetsel des Menschen. Die Geistigen Hintergruende der Menschlichen Geschichte. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte.

In these lectures, Steiner adds new insights to his earlier discussions of topics such as the evolution and development of our physical body, our senses, and our relationship to the cosmos. Based on his thorough spiritual research, Steiner's view of the human being and the significance of aesthetic creativity and enjoyment clearly reveals the bankruptcy of conventional materialism. Here, as in his other works, Rudolf Steiner shows us how to overcome materialism by choosing the path of spiritual science. His students will welcome this first translation of one of Steiner's most important volumes.

Lecture I July 29, 1916
Lecture II July 30, 1916
Lecture III July 31, 1916
Lecture IV August 05, 1916
Lecture V August 06, 1916
Lecture VI August 07, 1916
Lecture VII August 12, 1916
Lecture VIII August 13, 1916
Lecture IX August 15, 1916
Lecture X August 21, 1916
Lecture XI August 26, 1916
Lecture XII August 27, 1916
Lecture XIII August 28, 1916
Lecture XIV September 02, 1916
Lecture XV September 03, 1916