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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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An Esoteric Cosmology
GA 94

This volume consists of notes by Schure of the 18 lectures Steiner gave in Paris in 1906. These notes constitute the only known record of these lectures. Steiner presents a survey of the evolution of the cosmos, earth and humanity in a comprehensive way that he later expanded into his book An Outline of Occult Science.

When these lectures were first translated into English and published in ANTHROPOSOPHY: A Quarterly Review of Spiritual Science in 1929, lecture 16 “Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and the Will of Man” was not published. Rene Querido translated this 16th lecture into English from the French and kindly furnished the diagram following lecture 16 which shows the interior of the Earth. Rene Querido also wrote the preface for this reprint edition.

Foreword by Edouard Schuré
I. The Birth of the Intellect and the Mission of Christianity 25th May, 1906
II. The Mission of Manicheism 26th May, 1906
III. God, Man, Nature 27th May, 1906
IV. Involution and Evolution 28th May, 1906
V. Yoga In East and West I 29th May, 1906
VI. Yoga In East and West II 30th May, 1906
VII. Occultism and the Gospel of St. John 31st May, 1906
VIII. The Christian Mystery 1st June, 1906
IX. The Astral World I 2nd June, 1906
X. The Astral World II 6th June, 1906
VXI. The Devachanic World (Heaven) I 7th June, 1906
XII. The Devachanic World (Heaven) II 8th June, 1906
XIII. The Logos and the Word 9th June, 1906
XIV. The Logos and Man 10th June, 1906
XV. The Evolution of Planets and Earth 11th June, 1906
XVI. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Human Will 12th June, 1906
XVII. Redemption and Liberation 13th June, 1906
XVIII. The Apocalypse 14th June, 1906