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Nature and Spirit Beings
Their Effects in Our Visible World
GA 98


About Beings Who Influence the Human Being

24 February 1908, Hannover

There are many beings who exert their influence from afar onto our physical Earth, as if they had immensely long tentacles.

The clairvoyant encounters on the astral plane a great number of beings who are group souls, whose effects spread over the world like the trade winds.

Along the spinal cord of animals runs a glow-light, the current of which is connected with the group soul. Spiritual beings permeate each other.

From a spiritual perspective it is not astonishing that the group-souls of plants are located at the centre of the Earth. The human being is also connected to the centre of the Earth through his etheric body.

Although plants only possess an etheric body, an astral glow-light swirls about the bud and flower. The principle of repetition applies to the etheric body, it would endlessly shoot out only leaves. The astral body interrupts this influence and produces changes. Wherever we have hair, the etheric body is dominant.

The group-souls of animals are of a kind with which we can communicate, and the highest of them possess characteristics that are in part higher than those of a lower kind of human individualities.

Beings other than those who have an influence on the human blood influence the lymph, which is a juice similar to white blood cells. Others exert an influence on the nutritive juice, the chyle, others on the sense organs.

The forces of the chyle, for example, deliver the fat-containing substances from the chyme into the blood, and the protein-containing ones to the lymph.

Mental and physical health depends on the spiritual beings who regulate these forces.

The Moon beings have a subtle physical body and resemble in their form six to seven year old children; their actions are most often harmful for us, yet these pygmies act unconsciously. They are known as roarers, their sounds are heard far beyond the Moon; their activity is the strongest at the time of the full Moon. They feel most attracted to being in the proximity of mental institutions as well as spiritistic mediums.

If the human beings were masters of their blood, as they must be and as they are destined to be, the Moon beings could do them no harm.

On Venus beings dwell whose thoughtful speech points to a high logic, their countenance reflects a high morality—but even there are some who have predatory desires, and also others who are in all kinds of intermediate stages between gentle and wild. When the Earth’s population will have accepted Christianity and a unified bond of brotherhood spans the Earth in ever-widening circles, then it will draw nearer to the Venus beings. These exert an influence on our nutritional juices. Food is not only a chemical production, but with it a spiritual power flows through the throat. It reflects the actions of the mysterious beings and powers, how they influence the plants; each plant only grows under special conditions, so that in accordance with the ground and soil specific types of people, communities and tribes can form itself.

With our sensory perceptions we always gain spiritual impressions, through sound spiritual streams, likewise through the picture. Through the olfactory sense the deeds of spiritual beings stream in the most intense way through our senses; their dwelling place is in the upper Devachan.

Through history the important role of smell can be proven, which intrigues were spun with it. Musk and patchouli for example, are harmful smells for human beings. Those (olfactory) beings have their physical corporeality on Saturn. Although they lack thinking like we know it through the brain, they are born inventors. They love progress and at their dwelling place they constantly turn things around. Our conservatives would be utterly horrified by them. People who possess ready-wit and presence of mind have something of their nature.

It is really not indifferent which smells we chose to surround us with and which ones we love. That which is incited by harmful smells belongs to the area of black magic.

It is necessary to cultivate the good smells.

The human being is left at the mercy of many powers and towards these he is as blind as a mole. He always becomes aware of only a part of reality, but this reality concerns us—we must have strong impulses to get away from and out of the sphere of influence of harmful demons.

The human being is like the rainbow with its seven colours.

In reality, the physical body is an optical illusion. It is an amalgamation of spiritual efficacies, which intersect in it a thousand times and produce the most manifold effects.

Figure (unclear)

When the sun disappears, the rainbow is gone; when the spiritual forces withdraw, the human being is dead.

Reality must be searched for in the spiritual facts, these have true reality. What we see is the revelation of spiritual activity.

The full weight of facts should cause us to let the good beings act and to expel the demonic ones.

We have to deal with four types of entities that affect the I, through the blood, through the lymph, through the nutritional juices in the chyle, and through the sensory currents.

To protect ourselves from the forces of the Moon, which are harming us, we have to strive first and foremost to gain an independent disposition. Free inner soul forces have a purifying effect on the blood, thus Moon beings cannot harm us.

We approach the forces of Mars that affect the lymph in a good way through clear thought.

Diseases can be a discharge of an uncontrolled hateful mindset. Through such thoughts, a human being harms the people around him—through clear thinking he promotes general health. Thus, it is of greatest importance to always compose oneself and practice good clear thinking.

Noble thoughts must animate our soul towards the Venus beings who act on the chyle juice. Pure intentions determine the sensory-nervous currents on which beings who reside on Saturn exert an influence. Honesty in thinking and a listening attitude keep bad influences away.

Moon beings act instinctively. The Martian beings act consciously up to a degree; the Venus beings act eminently highly spiritually—the bad ones, however, unconsciously.

The human being consciously and unconsciously influences all other beings. We must strive to become more and more conscious so that we can light up stars. Thus, the star to Bethlehem lit up when the mighty individuality of Jesus consciously embodied itself. It is a cosmic event when such high people are born. The initiates know that worlds can collapse when the word "Yahveh" is put together in a special way. Man would not become so strong if he did not have to overcome evil.