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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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GA 159

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. The Four Platonic Virtues and Their Relation with the Human Members The Mystery of Death 31 Jan 1915 Zürich
1. The Great Virtues 31 Jan 1915 Zürich
2. The Path of the Human Being through the Gate of Death - A Transformation of Life The Mystery of Death 19 Feb 1915 Hanover
3. Spiritual Science and the Mystery of Death The Mystery of Death 21 Feb 1915 Bremen
4. The Intimate Element of the Central European Culture and the Central European Striving The Mystery of Death 7 Mar 1915 Leipzig
5. The Intervention of the Christ Impulse in the Historical Events The Mystery of Death 13 Mar 1915 Nuremberg
5. Spiritual Science, a Necessity for the Present Time 13 Mar 1915 Nuremberg
6. Moral Impulses and Their Results The Mystery of Death 14 Mar 1915 Nuremberg
7. Effects of the Christ-Impulse Upon the Historical Course of Human Evolution 7 May 1915 Vienna
7. Cosmic Effects on the Human Members During Sleep The Mystery of Death 7 May 1915 Vienna
8. The War, an Illness Process The Mystery of Death 9 May 1915 Vienna
8. The Subconscious Forces 9 May 1915 Vienna
9. The Relation of the Human Being to the Realms of Nature and the Hierarchies The Mystery of Death 13 May 1915 Prague
10. Central Europe between East and West The Mystery of Death 15 May 1915 Prague
11. Christ's Relationship to Lucifer and Ahriman The Mystery of Death 18 May 1915 Linz
11. Christ In Relation To Lucifer and Ahriman 18 May 1915 Linz
12. Spiritual Science as an Attitude The Mystery of Death 13 Jun 1915 Elberfeld
12. The Etheric Body as a Reflexion of the Universe 13 Jun 1915 Elberfeld
13. Common Ground above Us; Christ in Us The Mystery of Death 15 Jun 1915 Düsseldorf
13. Preparing for the Sixth Epoch 15 Jun 1915 Düsseldorf
14. Post-mortal Experiences of the Human Being The Mystery of Death 17 Jun 1915 Düsseldorf
15. Overcoming Death through Knowledge The Mystery of Death 19 Jun 1915 Cologne