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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Spiritual Background of the Social Question
GA 190

The message of Rudolf Steiner's address to the Anthroposophical Society in the spring following the end of World War I seems even more applicable to our current times. He offers a stern warning about the increasingly chaotic state of humanity and the need for personal and social transformation on a very deep level. This is no homecoming speech putting challenging times behind. Rather, it is a call for mankind to awaken from its dream-like state and evolve by spiritualizing our inner thinking, feeling and willing. Only by transforming ourselves can we then reflect that inner state outward through our actions to develop a necessary threefold social organism with the separation of the social realms of spirituality, rights, and economics.

Lecture I April 5, 1919
Lecture II April 6, 1919
Lecture III April 11, 1919
Lecture IV April 12, 1919
Lecture V April 13, 1919
Lecture VI April 14, 1919