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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 20

Berlin, 10-18-'07

In November 1879 Michael conquered the spirit of hindrances, Mammon, on the astral plane. The battle must still be fought out on the physical plane. Michael will fight with the spirit of darkness for another 400 years. We pupils of the school are called upon to spread light and spiritual life during this time. Mammon, the spirit of hindrances and darkness, has countless helpers who are often incorporated in bacteria and bacilli; all perversities and sins are from him.

Oriphiel gets his forces from Saturn: he ruled until about 109 A.D.

Anael (Ananiel)—Venus: ruled until about Constantine's time; catacombs, martyrs, great devotion.

Zachariel—Jupiter: folk migrations, breakup of Visigoths.

Raphael—Mercury: ca. 817–1171 A.D.

Samael—Mars: crusades, bellicose religiosity

Gabriel—Moon: ca. 1525–1879 A.D.