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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 21

Berlin, 10-23-'07

The rejection of spiritual wisdom is a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Gabriel transformed men's brains and an organ developed in the forehead that should be used. If no spiritual content flowed into it this part of the brain would wither, giving rise to infectious diseases and pestilence. Spiritual science was kept secret under Gabriel. This science is suppose to stream out into the open under Michael. Brains are already worked on in the mother's body. When we look at an outside object it sends light (through Michael) into our eyes, and this creates a mirror image in the brain. The resulting mental image enables us to perceive the object consciously. In meditation we have to create the mental image without an outer object. Through the pictures that we create for ourselves the force of what we've made a picture of can stream into us. We can create such imaginations more easily through the forces that we take into us in esoteric classes. We should take in such teachings with hearty feelings.

Saturn forces work on the sense organs. The terrible degenerations that we see in sexual things will get much worse when Saturn rules the earth 400 years from now. It's a matter of training warriors to combat sensual things. We're called upon to train ourselves so that we can fight this battle. Michael needs hosts of helpers to fight out on the physical plane what he's already overcome on the astral plane. That's the great task that we have to fulfill.