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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 22

Hamburg, 10-26-'07

The right hand is created out of confidence and is meant for work. The left hand is created out of love and is made for blessing. The right foot is formed out of certainty, the left one out of steadfastness. The heart is the center of the human body.

i—is the center of a being, means inclination

a—means reverence, devotion

ä—reverence, somewhat weakened

o—embracing the beings

u—is to rest in them

Each of the seven cyclical archangels reign for a certain period. Their opponents are Mammon's hosts who throw hindrances in their way. Masters must fight against all kinds of hindrances also.

The period in which Anael reigns is the age of love; before him is Oriphiel who brings the wrath of the Gods. In the Oriphiel age Christ Jesus will walk on earth again, but in a very, very different form. We're supposed to prepare for this time. We'll reincarnate sooner to work in the Oriphiel age.

In the Bible Gabriel is the proclaimer of birth; it's Gabriel who prepares the developing human being. He's the preparer and Michael is the one who lets if flow out.

Man is interwoven, divided up and cut into pieces in the whole cosmos. That's what the saga of Dionysos means. He was cut into pieces, but Zeus swallowed the heart and gave rise to the younger Dionysos.