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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit
GA 134

Six Lectures given at Hanover, 27th December 1911 – 1st January 1912. Authorised translation from a shorthand report unrevised by the Lecturer. Published in German as: Die Welt der Sinne und Die Welt Des Giestes.

Steiner gives extraordinary details of how the physical senses are in decline and how the spiritual senses are in their beginning. He shows the relationship of the hierarchies and Lucifer to these processes of decline and up-building. These lectures make an important contribution to a real understanding of world evolution.

Lecture IDecember 27, 1911
The conflict between the materialistic and the spiritual tendencies in thought and feeling. The God-willed and the God-estranged human being. The training of thinking to Wonder, Veneration and Harmony with the Universe.
Lecture IIDecember 28, 1911
Surrender to the course of the world. Ruling Will in the Sense-world, Ruling Wisdom in the World of Arising and Passing away. The Good as creative principle, the Bad as death-bringing principle.
Lecture IIIDecember 29, 1911
Mysteries of Life. Disturbance of balance through the existing incision. The irregular connection of the four members of man's nature.
Lecture IVDecember 30, 1911
The experience of matter in Space and of the soul in Time. Configuration and movement of soul-life in unspatial formations. The arising of space from shattered Form and of matter from out-spraying Spirit.
Lecture VDecember 31, 1911
The double nature of man. Out-spraying form and radiating substance. The mystery of their incorporation into the Cosmos: the technique of Karma. The lighting-up of the spiritual through the destruction of the material. Blood is a special fluid.
Lecture VIJanuary 01, 1912
Becoming and dying away. The seven planetary spheres and their central point. The working of the environment on the whole man. The end of Philosophy as a science of ideas. The spiritual inbreathing and outbreathing process.