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A Road to Self-Knowledge
GA 16

This book is an "amplification" of the book entitled Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment. It consists of eight "meditations." The eight topics treated are: The Physical Body, The Etheric Body, Clairvoyant Cognition of the Elemental World, The Guardian of the Threshold, The Astral Body, The Ego Body or Thought Body, The Character of Experience in the Supersensible Worlds, and The Way in Which Man Beholds His Repeated Earth Lives.

The original German title is: Ein Weg Zur Selbsterkenntnis des Menschen. In Acht Meditationen.

  1. First Meditation
  2. Second Meditation
  3. Third Meditation
  4. Fourth Meditation
  5. Fifth Meditation
  6. Sixth Meditation
  7. Seventh Meditation
  8. Eighth Meditation