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Fundamentals of Therapy
GA 27

Book Cover Fundamentals of Therapy, An Extension of the Art of Healing Through Spiritual Knowledge is the only book in which Rudolf Steiner shared the authorship. This book, written in a very condensed, almost meditative style, is a step toward revitalizing the art of healing with the spiritual awareness it once possessed. The intention is not to underrate the scientific and technological medicine of today, but to illume it beyond its present materialist outlook with a deeper realization of the nature of the human being.

Fundamentals of Therapy, by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman, MD, was published by the Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1983. It was translated from the German by E. A. Frommer and J. Josephson.

  1. True Knowledge Of The Human Being as a Foundation For The Art Of Medicine
  2. Why Does Man Become Ill?
  3. The Manifestations Of Life
  4. Concerning The Nature Of The Sentient Organism
  5. Plant, Animal, Man
  6. Blood and Nerve
  7. Nature Of Healing Effects
  8. Activities Within The Human Organism. Diabetes Mellitus
  9. The Function Of Protein In The Human Body, and Albuminuria
  10. The Function Of Fat In The Human Organism and The Deceptive Local Syndromes
  11. The Forming Of The Human Body And Gout
  12. Construction And Excretion in The Human Organism
  13. On The Essential Nature Of Illness and Healing
  14. An Approach To The Therapeutic Way Of Thinking
  15. The Therapeutic Process
  16. Knowledge Of Therapeutic Substances
  17. Knowledge of Substance As A Basis for the Knowledge Of Medicaments
  18. Curative Eurythmy
  19. Typical Cases of Illness
  20. Typical Therapeutic Substances
  21. Postscript by Ita Wegman