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Man and the World of Stars
GA 219

The actions of spiritual beings in relation to the rhythm of the course of the year are brought to light in these inspiring lectures, showing how we are challenged to consciously integrate these rhythms into our earthly life. Steiner reveals that the concepts of spiritual science serve as our eyes in the spiritual world after death. He shows that we change the world when we communicate with it out of our spiritual nature, which is the true spiritual communion of humanity.

Here are these 12 lectures, in 2 parts, from the lecture series entitled, The Relationship of the the Starry World to Humans and of Humans to the Starry World, published in German as, Die Verhaeltnis der Sternenwelt Zum Menschen und des Menschen zur Sternenwelt. Die Geistige Kommunion des Menschheit. Translated by D.S. Osmond

Man and the World of the Stars
I.The Spirit-Seed of Man's Physical Organism. Walking, Speaking, Thinking, and their Correspondences in the Spiritual World. November 26, 1922
II.Moral Qualities and the Life after Death. Windows of the Earth. December 01, 1922
III.Man's Relation to the World of Stars. December 03, 1922
IV.Rhythms of Earthly and Spiritual Life. Love, Memory, the Moral Life. Communion with Beings of the Higher Hierarchies. December 15, 1922
V.Human Faculties and their Connections with Elemental Beings. December 16, 1922
VI.Spiritualization of the Knowledge of Space. The Mission of Michael. December 17, 1922
VII.Inner Processes in the Human Organism. Sense-Perception, Breathing, Sleeping, Waking, Memory. December 22, 1922
The Spiritual Communion of Mankind
I.Midsummer and Midwinter Mysteries. December 23, 1922
II.The Mysteries of Man's Nature and the Course of the Year. December 24, 1922
III.From Man's Living Together with the Course of Cosmic Existence Arises the Cosmic Cult. December 29, 1922
IV.The Relation of the Movement for Religious Renewal to the Anthroposophic Movement. December 30, 1922
V.“Spiritual Knowledge Is a True Communion, the Beginning of a Cosmic Cult Suitable for Men of the Present Age.” December 31, 1922