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True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation
GA 243

Differences of Consciousness in Ancient and modern Times — Spiritual Knowledge important for purposes of Healing — Metals and their Effects upon Consciousness — Differentiation of the Historical Epochs and their Spiritual Background — Life-periods as Organs of Cognition — The School of Chartres — Potential Aberrations in Spiritual Investigation, e.g. Mediumship — Elementary Beings — Influences of the Sun and Moon — Dream Life and Somnambulism — The Metamorphosis of Consciousness — Revelation of the Divine through Art

Steiner delineates the different states of consciousness experienced by people in past ages and their methods of initiation. He discusses in depth the relationship of the seven metals to the different states of consciousness. Today, because we are constituted differently, we can develop higher perception only through purely spiritual forces. Many other spiritual facts are detailed in these absorbing esoteric studies.

Eleven lectures given in August of 1924 at Torquay, England from the lecture series entitled, The Consciousness of the Initiate. Published in German as, Das Initiatenbewusstsein. Die wahren und die falschen Wege der geistigen Forschung. Translated by A. H. Parker.

Publisher's Note
I.Nature is the Great Illusion; Know Thyself August 11, 1924
II.The Three Worlds and their Reflected Images August 12, 1924
III.Form and Substantiality of the Mineral Kingdom in Relation to the Levels of Consciousness in Man August 13, 1924
IV.The Secret of Investigation into Other Realms through the Metamorphosis of Consciousness August 14, 1924
V.The Inner Vitalization of the Soul through the Qualities of the Metallic Nature August 15, 1924
VI.Initiation-Knowledge, Waking Consciousness and Dream Consciousness August 16, 1924
VII.Knowledge of the World of Stars. Differentiation of the Historical Epochs of Mankind and their Spiritual Background August 18, 1924
VIII.Potential Aberrations in Spiritual Investigation August 19, 1924
IX.Abnormal Paths into the Spiritual World and their Transformation August 20, 1924
X.Influences of the Extra-Terrestrial Cosmos Upon the Consciousness of Man August 21, 1924
XI.What is the Position in Respect of Spiritual Investigation and the Understanding of Spiritual Investigation? August 22, 1924