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Spiritual Scientific Notes on Goethe's Faust II
GA 273

These lectures were given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach at various dates from 1916 through 1919. They are grouped and titled, Spiritual Scientific Note on Goethe's Faust Vol. II, and are published in German as, Geisteswissenschaftliche Erlaeuterungen zu Goethes “FAUST”. Band II. Das Faust Problem. Die Romantische und die Klassiche Walpurgisnacht.

This is a typescript edition of these lectures and is entitled, The Faust Problem. The Romantic and the Classical Walpurgis Night. Some of these lectures were published in the weekly journal, “Anthroposophical Movement” in the Fall of 1930, while others were on typed pages. Translated by George Kaufmann and edited by Harry Collison.

I.The Problem of Faust September 30, 1916
II.The Romantic Walpurgis-Night December 10, 1916
III.Goethe's Feeling for the Concrete. Shadowy concepts and Ideas filled with Reality January 27, 1917
IV.Faust and the “Mothers” November 02, 1917
V.Faust and the Problem of Evil November 03, 1917
VI.The Helena Saga and the Riddle of Freedom November 04, 1917
VII.Some Spiritual-Scientific Observations in Connection with the “Classical Walpurgis-Night” September 27, 1918
VIII.Spiritual Science Considered with the Classical Walpurgis-Night September 28, 1918
IX.Goethe's Life of the Soul from the Standpoint of Spiritual Science September 29, 1918
X.Faust's Knowledge and Understanding of Himself and of the Forces Actually Slumbering in Man January 17, 1919
XI.The Vision of Reality in the Greek Myths January 18, 1919
XII.Goetheanism In Place of Homunculism and Mephistophelianism January 19, 1919