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Eurythmy as Visible Speech
GA 279

From June 24th — July 12th, 1924 Rudolf Steiner held a course of lectures on speech eurythmy at the Goetheanum. It was a further presentation of much which had already been given on this subject and at the same time a deepening and widening of what was already known. In attendance were eurythmy artists and teachers including the teaching staff of the Stuttgart eurythmy school founded and directed by Marie Steiner, the eurythmy teachers of the Waldorf School and the Fortbildungsschule at the Goetheanum, the curative eurythmists, and a number of personalities who through their profession as artists or scientists in other spheres were interested in eurythmy.

Eurythmy makes it possible to bring the artistic, in its essence and its sources, to visible beholding. This was specially borne in mind during the presentation of this course. One only can work as a eurythmy artist by creatively unfolding a sense for art from an inner call, an inner enthusiasm.

In order to manifest the possibilities of form and movement inherent in society it is necessary that the soul be completely filled with art. The universal character of eurythmy underlies all that was presented.

English translation by V. and J. Compton-Burnett

Speech Eurythmy Course
I. Eurythmy as Visible Speech June 24, 1924
II. The Character of the Individual Sounds June 25, 1924
III. The Gestures: How They are Formed and Experienced June 26, 1924
IV. The Individual Sounds and Their Combination into Words June 27, 1924
V. The Mood and Feeling of a Poem June 30, 1924
VI. Different Aspects of the Soul-Life July 1, 1924
VII. The Plastic Formation of Speech July 2, 1924
VIII. The Word as Definition, and the Word in Its Context July 3, 1924
IX. Plastic Speech July 4, 1924
X. Movements Arising Out of the Being of Man July 7, 1924
XI. How One May Enter into the nature of Gesture and Form July 8, 1924
XII. The Outpouring of the Human Soul into Form and Movement July 9, 1924
XIII. Moods of Soul Which Arise Out of Gestures of the Sounds July 10, 1924
XIV. The Structure of Words, The Inner Structure of Verse July 11, 1924
XV. In Eurythmy the Entire Body Must Become Soul July 12, 1924
Foreword to the First Edition by Marie Steiner November 1927
A1. How Does Eurythmy Stand With Regard to the Artistic Development of the Present Day? December 26, 1923
A2. The Position of Eurythmy in the Anthroposophical Society June 8, 1924
A3. Veils, Dresses and Colours August 4, 1922
A4. The Eurythmy Figures August 26, 1923
A5. Eurythmy and Its Relationship to Other Arts