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The Ideas Behind the Building of the Goetheanum
GA 289

Despite the few years of its existence, the Goetheanum, which perished in the flames, became the inaugurator of a new architectural style and the inspiration for many artists who were able to develop themselves anew on and through it. The interest aroused by its short existence continues to spread. The recent publication of a comprehensive work, which presents pictures of its creation in the most complete and progressive way possible, is to be followed by this brief presentation of its fundamental ideas, spoken years ago by the architect himself. Even if some of what has already been expressed in the great work is repeated, Rudolf Steiner nevertheless repeatedly, in every lecture, provides new points of view and flashes of thought which are of value to the artist and show the paths which lead out of the labyrinth in which contemporary art has become entangled.

—Marie Steiner, 1933

I. The Ideas Behind the Building of the Goetheanum I 28 December 1921
II. The Ideas Behind the Building of the Goetheanum II 30 December 1921