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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Renewal of Education
GA 301

In 1920, when these lectures were given, the Waldorf School in Stuttgart was barely eight months old, and the educational theories and methods developed by Rudolf Steiner were hardly known outside of Central Europe. Far more influential at that time—and still exerting a powerful effect on educational theories and methods to this day—were the educational philosophies of John Dewey and Maria Montessori.

I. Spiritual Science and Modern Education April 20, 1920
II. Three Aspects of the Human Being April 21, 1920
III. Understanding the Human Being: A Foundation for Education April 22, 1920
IV. The Teacher as Sculptor of the Human Soul April 23, 1920
V. Some Remarks About Curriculum April 26, 1920
VI. Teaching Eurythmy, Music, Drawing, and Language April 28, 1920
VII. The Problem of Teacher Training April 29, 1920
VIII. Teaching Zoology and Botany to Children Nine through Twelve May 3, 1920
IX. Dialect and Standard Language May 4, 1920
X. Synthesis and Analysis in Human Nature and Education May 5, 1920
XI. Rhythm in Education May 6, 1920
XII. Teaching History and Geography May 7, 1920
XIII. Children's Play May 10, 1920
XIV. Further Perspectives and Answers to Questions May 11, 1920
A1. Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance May 15, 1920
A2. Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance May 16, 1920