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Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy II
GA 218, 304a

The present collection of public lectures given by Rudolf Steiner between 1922–1924 has not previously appeared in English. It may be regarded as a continuation of the collection of public lectures printed under the title Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy 1.

By this time Rudolf Steiner had achieved considerable public prominence. His lectures and travels were regularly reported in the press, and the Waldorf school movement was gaining increasing recognition. Emil Molt, the owner and managing director of the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Factory and a long-time anthroposophist, had made this educational movement possible by asking Steiner to found a school at his factory. At its inception, the school provided a broad education for the children of the workers. Emil Molt was conscious of the needs of the working people; his social commitment was generous and profound.

From that endeavor arose the first Waldorf school, which opened its doors in Stuttgart in September 1919 with one hundred and thirty children in eight grades. After four years, it had grown to accommodate eight hundred students in twelve grades. By then, many families outside the Waldorf Astoria factory had enrolled their children in

I. Education and Teaching November 19, 1922
II. The Art of Teaching from an Understanding of the Human Being November 20, 1922
III. Education and Art March 25, 1923
IV. Education and the Moral Life March 26, 1923
V. Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance of the Waldorf School Pupils March 27, 1923
VI. Why Base Education on Anthroposophy I June 30, 1923
VII. Why Base Education on Anthroposophy II July 1, 1923
VIII. Waldorf Pedagogy August 10, 1923
IX. Anthroposophy and Education November 14, 1923
X. Moral and Physical Education November 19, 1923
XI. Educational Issues I August 29, 1924
XII. Educational Issues II August 30, 1924