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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Health and Illness I
GA 348

These question and answer periods with the workmen of the first Goetheanum cover a wide variety of topics related to health and illness occurring during different periods of life, the formation of the human ear, the thyroid and hormones, treatments for mental and physical rejuvenation, and more. Translated by Maria St. Goar. Cover design by Peter van Oordt.

I:Concerning the World Situation; Causes of Illness October 19, 1922
II:Illnesses Occurring in the Different Periods of Life October 24, 1922
III:The Formation of the Human Ear; Eagle, Lion, Bull, and Man November 29, 1922
IV:The Thyroid Gland and Hormones; Steinach's Tests; Mental and Physical Rejuvenation Treatments December 02, 1922
V:The Eye; Colour of the Hair December 13, 1922
VI:The Nose, Smell, and Taste December 16, 1922
VII:Spiritual-Scientific Foundations for a True Physiology December 20, 1922
VIII:Concerning the Soul Life in the Breathing Process December 23, 1922
IX:Why do We Become Sick? Influenza; Hayfever; Mental Illness December 27, 1922