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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Learning to See in the Spiritual World
GA 350

Four lectures to the workers at the Goetheanum, translated by Walter Stuber and Mark Gardner. What is the relationship between seeing the secrets of the universe and one's understanding of life? How far must one go on the path of natural science before one finds higher worlds? Do the forces of the cosmos influence the whole of humanity? What connection do plants have with the human being and the human body? To answer these questions Steiner covers a wide range of topics including the development of independent thinking and the ability to think backwards; the uses of what seems boring; the reversal of thinking between the physical and spiritual worlds; the “physiology” of dreams as well as living into nature and the spiritual aspect of different foods. As always in his lectures to the workers, Steiner's style is simple, direct, and clear. This series of lectures has also been called: How Do We See Into the Spiritual World?

I. The Development of Independent Thinking and of the Ability To Think Backward 28 June 1923
II. The Uses of What Seems Boring: The Spiritual World as the Inverse of the Physical 30 June 1923
III. Developing Honesty In Thinking 7 July 1923
IV. Learning to Live Correctly in the Outer World 18 July 1923