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Christianity as Mystical Fact
GA 8

What is the connection between early Christianity and its contemporary counterparts and its antecedents? The comparison is not to Roman emperor worship, but rather to the practices of the Mystery Religions. One interesting comparison which can be made is the raising of Lazarus to the traditional temple sleep of three days and three nights.

As his source for many of the classical quotations included in Christianity as Mystical Fact, Rudolf Steiner used Otto Willman's Geschichte des Idealismus, History of Idealism. The present translators have referred to original texts wherever possible for this edition of Steiner's book.

Published in 1961 by Rudolf Steiner Publications, Inc. Translated by E. A. Frommer, Gabrielle Hess and Peter Kändler.

  1. Points of View
  2. Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom
  3. Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom
  4. Plato as a Mystic
  5. Mystery Wisdom and Myth
  6. Egyptian Mystery Wisdom
  7. The Gospels
  8. The Miracle of the Raising of Lazarus
  9. The Apocalypse of John
  10. Jesus and His Historical Background
  11. The Essence of Christianity
  12. Christianity and Pagan Wisdom
  13. Augustine and the Church