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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Cosmology and Human Evolution
Color Theory
GA 91

This volume contains sixty-three early lectures given by Rudolf Steiner between 1903–1905.

The first seven lectures are scientific in nature with an emphasis on light and color theory.

The remaining lectures cover a vast array of subjects and have been characterised as primarily pertaining to cosmology and human evolution.

These lectures were translated by Steiner Online Library in collaboration with scientific advisor, Gopi Krishna Vijaya, PhD.

Color Theory
The Theory of Color and Light I 2 August 1903
The emergence of colors through the interaction of white and black. Subjective and objective colors.
The Theory of Color and Light II 3 August 1903
The three types of ether in the solar spectrum: thermal, light and chemical ethers. The subjective organization of the eye as a part of the objective external world.
The Theory of Color and Light III 4 August 1903
Perception of the astral ancestors of man and the present man.
The Theory of Color and Light IV 6 August 1903
Fresnel's proof that light is not matter but a wave. The aether as a vibrating substance.
The Theory of Color and Light V 8 August 1903
The correspondence of the oscillations of colors and musical intervals. The discovery of the speed of light. Light as oscillating ether propagating through space. Continuous and discontinuous spectrums. Color as the inner expression of a substance's character. Polarized light. Color as incarnated light.
The Theory of Color and Light VI 9 August 1903
Our aesthetic perception of color as a result of previous mental experiences.
The Theory of Color and Light VII 10 August 1903
Matter has a life of its own; this is shown by its different effects on light. Light in interaction with matter produces colors. The properties of matter in interaction with light as the effect of ether on matter.
Interior and Exterior Evolution
On Meditation I 17 August 1903
Meditation as world service through the higher development of one's own being. Aum mani padme hum. Chakras.