Rudolf Steiner Archive

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 35

Can I know life's reality
So that it's found again
Within my soul's creative urge?
I feel that I am granted power
To make my self, as humble part,
At home within the cosmic self.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 9

When I forget the narrow will of self,
The cosmic warmth that heralds summer's glory
Fills all my soul and spirit;
To lose myself in light
Is the command of spirit vision
And intuition tells me strongly:
O lose yourself to find yourself.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

GA 91

Date Title City
1903-08-02 Color and Light I Berlin
1903-08-03 Color and Light II Berlin
1903-08-04 Color and Light III Berlin
1903-08-06 Color and Light IV Berlin
1903-08-08 Color and Light V Berlin
1903-08-09 Color and Light VI Berlin
1903-08-10 Color and Light VII Berlin
1904-08-17 On Meditation I Graal
1904-08-18 On Meditation II Graal
1904-08-20 Helpful Concepts for the New Testament Graal
1904-08-21 Some Helpful Concepts for The Days of the Week Graal
1904-08-22 Form, Life, Consciousness Graal
1904-08 The Three Kingdoms of Nature Graal
1904-08 Evolution and Involution Graal
1904-09-03 Manas as Light and Love Berlin
1904-09-04 Inner Evolution SInce Lemurian Times Berlin
1904-09-05 The Fall into Matter Berlin
1904-09-06 From the Arhats to the Mahatmas Berlin
1904-09-08 After the So-Called “Deluge” Berlin
1904-09-10 On the Transition From the Atlantean to Modern Times Berlin
1905-06-17 The Three Worlds Berlin
1905-06-18 The Being Which Belongs to Our Cosmos Berlin
1905-06-20 The Seven Priciples from the Aspect of Inner Connection Berlin
1905-06-21 The Naming of the Seven Weekdays Berlin
1905-06-23 Festivals in Connection With Cosmology Berlin
1905-06-25 The Incarnation Process in Connection with Heavenly Relationships Berlin
1905-06-27 The Evolutionary Laws of Inner Karmas Berlin
1905-08-06 Color and Tone Haubinda
1905-08-07 The Elemental Kingdom Haubinda
1905-08-08 Moon-Sense Organ Haubinda
1905-08-09 Elemental Beings Haubinda
1905-08-10 The Mineral Component of Beings Haubinda
1905-08-11 Evolution and Hierarchies Haubinda
1905-08-12 Forms of Consciousness Haubinda
1905-08-13 Twelve Consciousness Stages in Relation to the Etheric Body Haubinda
1905-08-14 Reincarnation Haubinda
1905-08-15 Christ Haubinda
1905-08-26 Light, Warmth, Tone Berlin
1905-08-27 Eye and Ear Berlin
1905-08-28 The Future of Eye, Ear and Taste Berlin
1905-08-29 The Relationship of the Kingdom of Nature to the Etheric Berlin
1905-09-02 The Effect of Mars, Mercury and Jupiteron the Building Up of the Human “I” Berlin
1905-09-04 The Seven-fold Structure of Man Berlin
1906-08-21 The Fourth Dimension I Landin
1906-08-23 The Fourth Dimension II Landin
1906-08-25 The Fourth Dimension III Landin
1906-08-27 The Fourth Dimension IV Landin
1906-08-31 Christ and Lucifer Landin
1906-08-31 The Iron Sea Landin
1906-09-01 The Connection Between the Three Worlds and Ours Landin
1906-09-11 On the Creative Word Landin
1906-09-12 The Meaning of Christ-Jesus Landin
1906-09-13 The World Center, Christ, the “I” Landin
1906-09-14 The Relationship Between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds Landin
1906-09-16 Evolution and Involution Landin
1906-09-18 Matter and Force Landin
1906-09-19 Force and Matter Landin
1906-09-20 Earth, Heart, Atom Landin
1906-09-21 Number and Revelation I Landin
1906-09-22 Number and Revelation II Landin
1906-09-30 The Three Worlds Landin
1906-10-04 The Eleventh and Twelfth Commandments Landin

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