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GA 109

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. The Principle of Spiritual Economy in Connection with Questions of Reincarnation The Principle of Spiritual Economy 21 Jan 1909 Heidelberg
2. Christianity in Human Evolution, Leading Individualities and Avatar Beings The Principle of Spiritual Economy 15 Feb 1909 Berlin
2. Christianity in the Evolution of Mankind Christianity in Human Evolution 15 Feb 1909 Berlin
3. More Intimate Aspects of Reincarnation The Principle of Spiritual Economy 07 Mar 1909 Munich
4. On the Occasion of the Dedication of the Francis of Assisi Branch The Principle of Spiritual Economy 06 Apr 1909 Malsch
5. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Fire. The Spiritualization of Breath and Blood The Principle of Spiritual Economy 10 Apr 1909 Cologne
6. The Event of Golgotha. The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail. The Spiritualized Fire The Principle of Spiritual Economy 11 Apr 1909 Cologne
7. Ancient Revelations and Learning: How to Ask Modern Questions The Principle of Spiritual Economy 16 May 1909 Oslo
8. The God of the Alpha and the God of the Omega The Principle of Spiritual Economy 25 May 1909 Berlin
9. From Buddha to Christ The Principle of Spiritual Economy 31 May 1909 Budapest
10. Rosicrucian Esotericism Rosicrucian Esotericism 03 Jun 1909 Budapest
11. Soul in the World Around Us Rosicrucian Esotericism 04 Jun 1909 Budapest
12. The Nature and Being of Man Rosicrucian Esotericism 05 Jun 1909 Budapest
13. Man Between Death and Rebirth Rosicrucian Esotericism 06 Jun 1909 Budapest
14. The Physical World as an Expression of Spiritual Forces and Beings Rosicrucian Esotericism 07 Jun 1909 Budapest
15. The Configuration and Metamorphoses of Man's Physical Body Rosicrucian Esotericism 08 Jun 1909 Budapest
16. Evolutionary Stages of our Earth before the Lemurian Epoch Rosicrucian Esotericism 09 Jun 1909 Budapest
17. Stages in the Evolution of our Earth. Lemurian, Atlantean, Post-Atlantean Epochs Rosicrucian Esotericism 10 Jun 1909 Budapest
18. Man's Experience after Death Rosicrucian Esotericism 11 Jun 1909 Budapest
19. On Karma, Reincarnation and Initiation Rosicrucian Esotericism 12 Jun 1909 Budapest
20. From Buddha to Christ Untranslated 14 Jun 1909 Vienna
21. Founding of a Branch Untranslated 15 Jun 1909 Breslau
24. Reincarnation and Karma - the second of eight lecture fragments Untranslated 07 Feb 1909 Stuttgart
25. Reincarnation and Karma. Intimate Questions of Reincarnation- 2three and four of eight fragments Untranslated 19 Feb 1909 Leipzig
26. Heredity and the Etheric Body - fragment five Untranslated 25 Feb 1909 Kassel