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GA 143

Date Title City
11 Jan 1912 Nervousnous as Symptom of Our Times Munchenstein
14 Jan 1912 Changes in Human Worship through the Ages Winterthur
15 Jan 1912 The Path of Knowledge Zürich
03 Feb 1912 Conscience and Wonder as Indications of Clairvoyance into the Past and Future Breslau
25 Feb 1912 Conscious and Sub-Conscious Soul Life. Karma. Natural Law and Moral Law. Munich
27 Feb 1912 Processes of the Subconscious Soul Life Munich
16 Apr 1912 The Outer and Inner Christ I Stockholm
17 Apr 1912 The Outer and Inner Christ II Stockholm
07 May 1912 Outer Nature as Allegory for the Spirit. The Meaning of the Seasonal Festivals. The Newly Published "Soul Calendar" Cologne
08 May 1912 For "White Lotus Day". H.P.Blavatsky, Elias, John the Baptist, Raphael, Novalis. The Sheaths of Christ Cologne
16 May 1912 To synthesize the world views a fourfold heraldry Munich
17 Dec 1912 Love and its Significance in the World Zürich
24 Dec 1912 Reflections on Christmas Eve Berlin
29 Dec 1912 Morning Novalis and the Anthroposophical Stream Cologne