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Year Lecture Title Book Title City Volume
1911 Spiritual Science and the Future of Humanity Truths and Errors of Spiritual Research Winterthur 69a
1922 Lecture IX Old and New Methods of Initiation Dornach 210
1908 About the beings that influence human beings Nature and Spirit Beings — Their Effects in Our Visible World Hanover 98
1924 Lecture IV Karmic Relationships I Dornach 235
1924 Karma Impulses through Recurring Earth Lives Karma Dornach 235
1910 Special Questions About Reincarnation and Destiny Not Yet Available Cologne 68b
1912 The Hidden Powers of the Soul Life Not Yet Available Munich 69d
1918 Not Yet Available Stuttgart 174b
1924 On the Youth Section of the Free HighSchool for Mystery Science Not Yet Available Dornach 217a
1905 Esoteric Lesson Not Yet Available Berlin 266-III
1919 Introductory Words to the First Public Eurythmy Performance Not Yet Available Zürich 277
1921 Education, Teaching and Practical Life Questions I Not Yet Available Utrecht 297a