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GA 60

Date Title City
20 Oct 1910 The Nature of Spiritual Science and its Significance for Today Berlin
27 Oct 1910 Life and Death Berlin
10 Nov 1910 The Human Soul and the Animal Soul Berlin
17 Nov 1910 Spirit of Man and Spirit of Animal Berlin
24 Nov 1910 The Nature of Sleep Berlin
08 Dec 1910 The Spirit in the Plant Kingdom Berlin
15 Dec 1910 How Does One Attain Knowledge of the Spiritual Worlds? Berlin
12 Jan 1911 Predisposition, Talent, and the Education of Man Berlin
19 Jan 1911 Zarathustra Berlin
26 Jan 1911 Galileo, Giordano Bruno, and Goethe Berlin
09 Feb 1911 What Has Geology to Say about the Origin of the World? Berlin
16 Feb 1911 Hermes Berlin
02 Mar 1911 Buddha Berlin
09 Mar 1911 Moses Berlin
16 Mar 1911 What Has Astronomy to Say about the Origin of the World? Berlin