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Soul Economy
Body, Soul and Spirit in Waldorf Education
GA 303

Rudolf Steiner presented more than twenty lecture courses on education and child development, each taking a somewhat different approach to the introduction of his insights and pedagogical methods. The important lectures in this volume were presented in Dornach, Switzerland, to leading educators, including many from England, led by Professor Millicent Mackenzie, a pioneer in education from Cardiff University. As a result of these talks, Steiner went to Oxford, England, later that year, where he expanded on many of the themes begun in these lectures.

The setting for these lectures was the White Hall in the first Goetheanum, where, because of the large attendance and limited space, the audience was split into two groups. Each lecture was presented twice, first to the German speakers and then to those who had traveled from England and Holland. The repeated second sessions are represented in this volume. Consequently, in these lectures Steiner was speaking mostly to English-speaking educators, many of whom were relatively new to the ideas of spiritual science.

I. The Three Phases of the Anthroposophic Movement December 23, 1921
II. Education Based on Knowledge of the Human Being I December 24, 1921
III. Education Based on Knowledge of the Human Being II December 25, 1921
IV. Education Based on Knowledge of the Human Being III December 26, 1921
V. Health and Illness I December 27, 1921
VI. Health and Illness II December 28, 1921
VII. Children before the Seventh Year December 29, 1921
VIII. The Waldorf School December 30, 1921
IX. Children from the Seventh to Tenth Years December 31, 1921
X. Children in the Tenth Year. Q & A Discussion January 1, 1922
XI. Children from the Tenth to the Fourteenth Years I January 2, 1922
XII. Children from the Tenth to the Fourteenth Years II January 3, 1922
XIII. Adolescents after the Fourteenth Year January 4, 1922
XIV. Aesthetic Education January 5, 1922
XV. Physical Education January 6, 1922
XVI. Religious & Moral Education January 7, 1922