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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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World Economy
GA 340

These lectures provide a foundation for a completely new approach to the science of economics. Steiner does not give abstract theories but bases his ideas on the dynamics inherent in the phenomena themselves. A mobile, flexible quality of thinking is required to enter into this radically different approach to such things as capital, labor, and natural resources, and the qualitative differences between purchase, loan, and gift money. The direction Steiner indicated in these lectures is the inspiration for a number of banking and financial initiatives now active all over the world.

These Economic Course lectures are the entire contents of the lecture series entitled, World Economy, published in German as, Nationaloekonomischer Kurs. Aufgaben einer neuen Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Band I. They were translation by Owen Barfield and T. Gordon-Jones.

Editorial Note
Lecture I 24th July, 1922
Lecture II 25th July, 1922
Lecture III 26th July, 1922
Lecture IV 27th July, 1922
Lecture V 28th July, 1922
Lecture VI 29th July, 1922
Lecture VII 30th July, 1922
Lecture VIII 31st July, 1922
Lecture IX 1st August, 1922
Lecture X 2nd August, 1922
Lecture XI 3rd August, 1922
Lecture XII 4th August, 1922
Lecture XIII 5th August, 1922
Lecture XIV 6th August, 1922