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A Turning Point in Human Evolution

December 2, 2022

During the Christmas Festival, many people enjoy the traditions of gift exchanges, decorations, and carols. In these challenging times, however, let us also take some time to delve into the esoteric meaning of the birth of Christ Jesus. We invite you to also explore the many Christmas lectures on our Festivals page, and others that can be found using our new search engine.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell two different Christmas stories.

Before investigating the occult meaning of Christmas, it is helpful to first recall the two biblical accounts of the event in the Gospels. Here are some key differences.


Annual Update and Fundraising Drive

November 1, 2022

It has been about a year since Steiner Online Library assumed responsibility for the Rudolf Steiner Archive from the eLib, Inc.* After a challenging transition, we are happy to report we have made great progress. While donations are less than expected and down almost 50% from October of last year, we hope our list of accomplishments will inspire you to support us financially.


The Michaelmas Festival

September 15, 2022

The Michaelmas Festival is celebrated each year on the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This time of year, we recognize the power of the spirit known as Michael and his victory over the forces that would drag us down. We invite you to explore Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on the battle of Michael and the Dragon, the Michaelmas Festival, and the importance of the seasons in our soul development.

There arose a revolt of divine spirits seeking free will prematurely before men came into human form.

There are forces among us who do not belong to the earthly realm. They were banished by Michael from the heavens for revolting against Divine will.


The Transfiguration & The Great Initiation

August 4, 2022

On August 6th, many Christian communities celebrate the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. This momentous occasion was discussed by Steiner in his lectures on the four gospels and in Christianity as a Mystical Fact, as highlighted below. We invite you to read the full lectures to realize the astounding importance of this event. In The Gospel of St. John, Lecture 3, Steiner teaches:

Jesus goes with three disciples Peter, James and John, up a mountain: this means into the inner sanctuary where one is initiated into higher worlds and where one also speaks in occult language. The disciples were carried up into a higher state of consciousness. They saw then that which is not transitory but eternal. Moses and Elias appear and Jesus himself with them.

What does this mean? In occult science the word Elias means the same as El — the goal, the way. Moses is the spiritual scientific word for truth. By the fact that Elias, Moses and Jesus appear you have the fundamental Christian truth: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus himself says — this is a fundamental Christian mystical truth — “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” (John, ch. 14, v. 6)


New Material is Available!
Meditation and Concentration
GA 161

July 12, 2022

We've added two new lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland in the Spring of 1915 are now available. They are included in a volume of GA 161 that contains a previously posted lecture in which Steiner outlines three types of clairvoyance.

A Shift From Materialism to Spiritual Perception

On May 1, 1915, Steiner discussed the beginning of a new age in which humanity must shift from materialistic thinking to perception of the spiritual impulses and forces behind material sense phenomena. He says,


St. John’s Festival—
A Celebration of the Birth of John the Baptist

June 18, 2022

June 24th is St. John’s day which celebrates the birth of John the Baptist approximately 6 months before the birth of Jesus. John, the forerunner of Christ Jesus, knew the Christ would come and that he must prepare the way for Him. Steiner tells us:

St. John's Day reminds us that the most exalted Individuality that ever took part in the evolution of mankind was preceded by a forerunner. […] In the course of human evolution there appear again and again events of such profound import as to throw a stronger light than others.



May 30, 2022

Pentecost, also known as Witsun, is a major festival in the Christian church. It is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter which is June 5th this year. Pentecost commemorates the arrival of the Holy Spirit appearing as tongues of fire to the disciples of Christ Jesus after His death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit healed the disciples’ pain and sorrow following the Ascension by facilitating an inner experience of the Christ Himself within them. Rudolf Steiner teaches:


Behind the Scenes of External Happenings

April 25, 2022

Rudolf Steiner offers us a unique perspective on world events with an exploration of spiritual impulses working behind the scenes. Through his lectures and books available in English here online, Dr. Steiner teaches that we can come to know the spiritual world through our own thinking and factual observation of the material world. Beyond merely understanding spiritual impulses manifesting in the material, we can further work with them to actively transform ourselves and participate in the evolution of mankind.


Easter and the Mystery of Golgotha

April 10, 2022

We invite you to read some of the many lectures Steiner gave regarding Easter. In his discussions about what he terms “the Mystery of Golgotha,” he shares the cosmic significance of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. You can find some of his selected works under the Festivals topic on the left-hand side navigation of our website. The excerpts presented here cannot begin to capture the profound teachings of Steiner on this topic. We merely share them as highlights to encourage you to explore the full lectures yourself.


A Time of Testing and Preparation

March 14, 2022

The Christian season of Lent is the 40 days before Easter. It is a time when Christians contemplate Christ Jesus fasting in the wilderness for 40 days and facing worldly temptations. Rudolf Steiner teaches it was necessary for Jesus to retreat into the wilderness after his baptism to fully develop his super-sensible abilities. Observance of this season is a wonderful time to follow the example of Christ Jesus by fasting and preparing both physically and spiritually for what lies ahead.

Fasting brings harmony between the universe and man.


Man as a Microcosm of the Universe

February 19, 2022

While Rudolf Steiner produced volumes of material, his message could be summed up by the Ancient Greek aphorism "Man, know thyself!" By studying his teachings, we begin to truly understand our whole being and its purpose in the world. In fact, by understanding ourselves in this way, we can come to understand the whole universe.

Rudolf Steiner reminds us we are literal microcosms of the vast universe—a map of the entire cosmos is within us:


What Is Love?

February 11, 2022

This time of year, the stores in the United States are filled with Valentine’s Day chocolates, flowers, and love-themed greeting cards. People celebrate their bonds of friendship and love as a special, warm-hearted feeling toward one another. But what is love in its highest sense?


Transformation and Renewal

January 24, 2022

You have probably noticed some changes on the Archive. It's under construction to provide you with a more reliable, faster service with streamlined access to Steiner's materials. Our goal is to have a site that can scale for increased use as more people seek this information in the coming years.


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