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Knowledge of Soul and Spirit
GA 56

This lecture series is also known as: Perception of the Soul and of the Spirit. These twelve of the fifteen lectures have never been translated to English, and this lecture series has not been published in English before.

The translations of Goethe's Faust were taken from: Faust I and II, edited and translated by Stuart Atkins, Princeton University Press, paperback printing 1994. Copyright © 1984 Suhrkamp/Insel Publishers, Boston, Inc.

Some translations of Goethe's poems were taken from: J. W. von Goethe 103 Great Poems, edited and translated by Stanley Appelbaum, Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, New York. Copyright © 1999 by Dover Publications, Inc.

The quotations of the Bible follow the text of The Revised English Bible. Copyright © Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press 1989.

I. The Mission of Occult Science in Our Time October 10, 1907
II. Natural Science Facing a Crucial Decision October 17, 1907
III. The Knowledge of Soul and Spirit October 24, 1907
V. Initiation November 28, 1907
VI. The So-Called Dangers of Initiation December 12, 1907
VII. Man, Woman and Child January 9, 1908
VIII. The Souls of Animals in the Light of Spiritual Science January 23, 1908
XI. Occupation and Earnings March 12, 1908
XII. Sun, Moon and Stars March 26, 1908
XIII. Outset and End of the Earth April 9, 1908
XIV. Hell April 16, 1908
XV. Heaven May 14, 1908