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The Evolution of the Earth and Man and The Influence of the Stars
GA 354

Just as we have natural desires for food, shelter, and human contact so we have a spiritual desire for knowledge. All too often the obstacles to satisfying this desire are so great that in the end we silence our questions and give up hope of knowing.

In this book we meet the thirst for knowledge of a group of workmen as they put questions to Rudolf Steiner. They want to know about everything from the evolution of the world, the influence of the stars, nutrition, the sense of smell, Chinese culture, and volcanoes, to mention a few.

And what lively enthusiastic answers they receive!

Join them in their quest and take a step into the realm of living thought and see if your thirst for knowing isn't revived and set on fire!

During the last two decades of the nineteenth century the Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) became a respected and well-published scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, particularly known for his work on Goethe's scientific writings. After the turn of the century he began to develop his earlier philosophical principles into an approach to methodical research of psychological and spiritual phenomena.

His multifaceted genius has led to innovative and holistic approaches in medicine, science, education (Waldorf schools), special education, philosophy, religion, economics, agriculture (Bio-Dynamic method), architecture, drama, the new art of eurythmy, and other fields. In 1924 he founded the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has branches throughout the world. Translated by Gladys Hahn.

The Creation of the World and Man
I. Creation of the world and of man. Saturn-, Sun-, and Moon-condition in the earth's evolution. June 30, 1924
II. Creation of the earth. Origin of man. July 03, 1924
III. What natural science and anthroposophy have to say about earth strata and fossils. July 07, 1924
The Origin of the World and Man
IV. Origin of the world and of man. Lemuria and Atlantis. July 09, 1924
V. Origin and character of the Chinese and Indian cultures. July 12, 1924
VI. The relation of foodstuffs to man. Raw food. Vegetarianism. July 31, 1924
VII. Questions of nutrition. Children's nutrition. Making children “hardy.” Manuring the soil. August 02, 1924
VIII. The evolution of human culture. August 06, 1924
Earth Life and Star Influences
IX. The sense of smell. August 09, 1924
X. Planetary influences on animals, plants and stones. September 09, 1924
XI. The weather and its causes. September 13, 1924
XII. Form and origin of the earth and moon. Volcanism. September 18, 1924
XIII. The nature and task of anthroposophy. Biela's comet. September 20, 1924
XIV. How did man originate? Earth life and star wisdom. September 24, 1924