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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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GA 65

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Goethe and the World View of German Idealism. An Examination of the Feelings of our Fate-burdened Days Not Yet Available 2 Dec 1915 Berlin
2. The Eternal Strength of the Humlan Soul Not Yet Available 3 Dec 1915 Berlin
3. Paintings from Austrian Spiritual Life of the 19th Century with Regard to Our Fateful Times Not Yet Available 9 Dec 1915 Berlin
4. Human Soul and Human Spirit Not Yet Available 10 Dec 1915 Berlin
5. The Spirit of Fichte Present in our Midst 16 Dec 1915 Berlin
6. Faust's World Wandering and His Rebirth From the German Spiritual Life Not Yet Available 3 Feb 1916 Berlin
7. Healthy Soul Life and Spiritual Research Not Yet Available 4 Feb 1916 Berlin
8. Austrian Personalities in the Realms of Poetry and Science Not Yet Available 10 Feb 1916 Berlin
9. How are the Eternal Powers of the Human Soul to be Explored? Not Yet Available 11 Feb 1916 Berlin
10. A Forgotten Support for Spiritual Science Within the Development of German Thought Not Yet Available 25 Feb 1916 Berlin
11. Why is Spiritual Investigation Misunderstood? 26 Feb 1916 Berlin
12. Nietzsche's Soul Life and Richard Wagner, The Development of the German Worldview Today Not Yet Available 23 Mar 1916 Berlin
13. The Question of Immortality and Spiritual Research Not Yet Available 24 Mar 1916 Berlin
14. The German Soul in its Development Not Yet Available 13 Apr 1916 Berlin
15. Body, Soul, and Spirit and Their Development Through Birth and Death and Their Place in the Universe Not Yet Available 15 Apr 1916 Berlin