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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Eternal Human Soul
GA 67

This First Edition English translation lecture series was given at Berlin by Rudolf Steiner in January through April of 1918. It was published in German as, Das Ewige in der Menschenseele Unsterblichkeit und Freiheit.

Lecture I: Aim and Being of Spiritual Research January 24, 1918
Lecture II: The Human Being as Being of Soul and Spirit February 07, 1918
Lecture III: Goethe as Father of Spiritual Research February 21, 1918
Lecture IV: Mind, Soul and Body of the Human Being February 28, 1918
Lecture V: Nature and Her Riddles in the Light of Spiritual Science March 07, 1918
Lecture VI: The Historical Life of Humanity and Its Riddles March 14, 1918
The Supersensible Human Being
(3 talks)
Lecture VIII: The Animal and Human Realms. Their Origin and Development April 15, 1918
Lecture IX: The Supersensible Human Being April 18, 1918
Lecture X: The Questions of Free Will and Immortality April 20, 1918