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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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GA 282

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Questions and Answers on Dramatic Art 10 Apr 1921 Dornach
2. Speech Courese for the Participants of the Dramatic Art Course Not Yet Available 2 Sep 1924 Dornach
3. The Forming of Speech is an Art Speech and Drama 5 Sep 1924 Dornach
4. The Six Revelations of Speech Speech and Drama 6 Sep 1924 Dornach
5. Speech as a Formed Gesture Speech and Drama 7 Sep 1924 Dornach
6. How to Attain Style in Speech and Drama Speech and Drama 8 Sep 1924 Dornach
7. The Secret of the Art of the Masters Consists in This: He Annihilates Matter Through Form' —Schiller Speech and Drama 9 Sep 1924 Dornach
8. Sensitive Perception for Sound and Word Instead of for Meaning and Idea Speech and Drama 10 Sep 1924 Dornach
9. Some Practical Illustrations of the Forming of Speech Speech and Drama 11 Sep 1924 Dornach
10. The Moulding and Sculpting of Speech Speech and Drama 12 Sep 1924 Dornach
11. Style in Gesture Speech and Drama 13 Sep 1924 Dornach
12. The Mystery Character of Dramatic Art Speech and Drama 14 Sep 1924 Dornach
13. The Relation of Gesture and Mime to the Forming of Speech Speech and Drama 15 Sep 1924 Dornach
14. The Artistic Quality in Drama. Stylisation of Moods Speech and Drama 16 Sep 1924 Dornach
15. Study of the Text From Two Aspects: Delineation of Character, and the Whole Form of the Play Speech and Drama 17 Sep 1924 Dornach
16. Stage Décor: Its Stylisation in Colour and Light Speech and Drama 18 Sep 1924 Dornach
17. The Esoteric Art of the Actor's Vocation Speech and Drama 19 Sep 1924 Dornach
18. The Work of the Stage From Its More Inward Aspect. Destiny, Character, and Plot. Speech and Drama 20 Sep 1924 Dornach
19. Further Study of the Sounds of Speech Speech and Drama 21 Sep 1924 Dornach
20. The Speech Sounds as a Revelation of the Form of Man. Control of the Breath. Speech and Drama 22 Sep 1924 Dornach
21. The Formative Activity of the Word Speech and Drama 23 Sep 1924 Dornach