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GA 64

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Goethe's Attitude in Our Fateful Days and the German Culture Untranslated 29 Oct 1914 Berlin
2. The "Barbarians" of Schiller and Fichte Untranslated 05 Nov 1914 Berlin
3. The Soul of Man in Life and Death. Spiritual-Scientific Considerations The Human Soul in Life and Death 26 Nov 1914 Berlin
4. The Folksoul. Spiritual-Scientific Considerations Untranslated 27 Nov 1914 Berlin
5. The Germanic Soul and the German Spirit from the Spiritual-Scientific Point of View Untranslated 14 Jan 1915 Berlin
6. Spiritual Knowledge and Bliss in the First Hours of Life. A Consideration Untranslated 15 Jan 1915 Berlin
7. The Driving Force of the German Spirit Untranslated 25 Feb 1915 Berlin
8. What Part of the Being of Man is Mortal? Untranslated 26 Feb 1915 Berlin
9. The Rejuvenating Power of the German Folksoul Untranslated 04 Mar 1915 Berlin
10. What Part of the Being of Man is Immortal? Untranslated 12 Mar 1915 Nuremberg
11. The Arena of Ideas as Consequence of German Idealism with a View to Bearing Our Fateful Times Untranslated 28 Nov 1915 Munich
12. The World View of German Idealism. A Consideration with a View to Bearing Our Fateful Times Untranslated 22 Apr 1915 Berlin
13. Sleep and Death from the Point of View of Spiritual Science Untranslated 16 Apr 1915 Berlin
14. Self-Knowledge and World Knowledge from the Viewpoint of Spiritual Science Untranslated 23 Apr 1915 Berlin