Rudolf Steiner Archive

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 42

In this the shrouding gloom of winter
The soul feels ardently impelled
To manifest its innate strength,
To guide itself to realms of darkness,
Anticipating thus
Through warmth of heart the sense-world's

Southern Hemisphere
Week 16

To bear in inward keeping spirit bounty
Is stern command of my prophetic feeling,
That ripened gifts divine
Maturing in the depths of soul
To selfhood bring their fruits.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Lectures Given by Rudolf Steiner

GA# Title Year of
# of Lectures
218 The Ear 1
181 The Earth As Being with Life, Soul, and Spirit 2
100 The Earth's Passage Through Its Former Planetary Conditions 1
181 Earthly Death and Cosmic Life 7
133 Earthly and Cosmic Man 1948 9
209 East and West in the Light of the Christmas Idea 1
203 East and West, and the Roman Church 2
113 The East in the Light of the West 1940 9
54 Easter 1
233a The Easter Festival in relation to the Mysteries 1968 4
233a The Easter Festival in the Evolution of the Mysteries 1988 4
unknown Easter and the Awakening to Cosmic Thought 1
233a Easter as a Chapter in the Mystery Wisdom of Man 1947 4
307 Education 11
296 Education as a Social Problem 6
302a Education for Adolescents 1
145 The Effect of Occult Development Upon the Self and the Sheaths of Man (1945) 10
159 Effects of the Christ-Impulse Upon the Historical Course of Human Evolution 1
117 The Ego 3
168 The Ego-Consciousness of the So-called Dead 1
106 Egyptian Myths and Mysteries 12
194 Elemental Beings and Human Destinies 1
212 The Elemental World and the Future of Mankind 1
98 The Elementary Kingdoms 1
211 The End of the Dark Age 1
62 Errors in Spiritual Investigation: Meeting the Guardian of the Threshold 1
69a The Errors of Spiritual Investigation 1
130 Esoteric Christianity and the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz 1984 13
68a Esoteric Christianity: The Gospel of St. John and Ancient Mysteries 1
94 An Esoteric Cosmology 1978 18
various Esoteric Development 10
270 Esoteric Lessons for the First Class, Volume 1 2018 9
270 Esoteric Lessons for the First Class II 2018 10
270 Esoteric Lessons for the First Class III 2018 7
345 The Essence of the Active Word 4
180 Et Incarnatus Est 1983 1
80b The Eternal Soul of Man From the Point of View of Anthroposophy 1
157 The Etheric Being in the Physical Human Being 1
159 The Etheric Body as a Reflexion of the Universe 1
130 The Etherisation of the Blood 1
277 Eurhythmy 1
57 The European Mysteries and Their Initiates 1
325 European Spiritual Life in the 19th Century 2
279 A Lecture on Eurythmy 1
278 Eurythmy as Visible Singing 8
185 Evil and the Future of Man 1
207 Evil and the Power of Thought 1
63 Evil in the Light of Spiritual Knowledge 1
132 Evolution in the Aspect of Realities 1989 6
227 The Evolution of Consciousness 13
90b Evolution of Human Freedom and Personal Consciousness 1
354 The Evolution of the Earth and Man and The Influence of the Stars 1987 14
218 Exact Clairvoyance and Ideal Magic 1
124 Excursus on the Gospel According to St. Mark 1937 10
211 Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity 1
211 Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity 1
218 The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background 1

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