Rudolf Steiner Archive

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 35

Can I know life's reality
So that it's found again
Within my soul's creative urge?
I feel that I am granted power
To make my self, as humble part,
At home within the cosmic self.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 9

When I forget the narrow will of self,
The cosmic warmth that heralds summer's glory
Fills all my soul and spirit;
To lose myself in light
Is the command of spirit vision
And intuition tells me strongly:
O lose yourself to find yourself.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

GA 90a

Date Title City
1903-09-28 World and Human Wisdom Berlin
1903-10-30 Does Everything in the World Have a Useful Purpose? Berlin
1903-11-10 Cosmic Epochs. The Eighth Sphere Berlin
1903-11-16 Whence Diversity? Out of Unity Berlin
1903-11-17 On Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism Berlin
1903-12-01 The Evolution of the Human Races Berlin
1903-12-15 On the Origin of the Planetary System Berlin
1903-12-22 Cosmology, The Planets Berlin
1904-01-12 The Human Aura Berlin
1904-01-19 Picturing the Aura Berlin
1904-01-26 A Picture of the Universe Berlin
1904-02-02 The Second Logos Berlin
1904-02-09 A Picture of the Universe Berlin
1905-10-16 Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of the Gods Berlin
1904-02-16 Development of Nature Berlin
1905-10-22 Questions and Answers Berlin
1904-02-18 On Devachan Berlin
1904-02-22 The History of Creation According to Moses Berlin
1905-10-30 Theosophy in Everyday Life Berlin
1905-11-06 Theosophy and the Concept of Freedom Berlin
1904-03-03 Macrocosm and Microcosm Berlin
1904-03-11 The pure condition Berlin
1904-04-01 Genesis Berlin
1904-04-29 Genesis Berlin
1904-05-02 Introduction to White Lotus Day Berlin
1904-05-21 Apocalypse I Berlin
1904-05-28 On the Significance of the Oldest Parts of the Old Testament Berlin
1904-06-12 The Principle of Correlation Berlin
1904-06-13 The Concept of Objective Existence and Subjective Comprehension Berlin
1904-06-15 The Following Rounds Berlin
1904-06-16 On the Fundamental Law of Round Evolution Berlin
1904 Reincarnation and Karma Berlin
1904 Berlin
1904-06-26 On Atlantean Culture Berlin
1904-06-27 On Atlantis Berlin
1904-06-28 On Lemuria Berlin
1904-06-29 Berlin
1904-06-30 On the Planetary Chains Berlin
1904-07-01 Nomenon, Phenomenon Berlin
1904-07-08 The Universe from Without Berlin
1904-07-10 The Further Development of our Planet Berlin
1904-07-11 Modern Biblical Research Berlin
1904-07-18 Occult Research and the Gospels Berlin
1904-07-25 Gospels and Initiation Berlin
1904-07-26 Overview of Human Evolution Berlin
1904-08-02 Incarnation Berlin
1904-08-10 Berlin
1904-08-11 Berlin
1904-08-12 Berlin
1904-08-13 Berlin
1904-08-14 Berlin
1904-08-16 Berlin
1904 Berlin
1904 Berlin
1904-09-05 Berlin
1904-09-09 ` Berlin
1904-10-03 Introductory Lecture to Ancient and Modern Apocalyptic Writings Berlin
1904-10-10 Apocalyptic Writings I Berlin
1904-10-12 On the Beginning of Genesis Berlin
1904-10-17 Apocalyptic Writings II Berlin
1904-10-24 Apocalyptic Writings III Berlin
1904-10-30 5 Berlin
1904-11-01 Apoc V Berlin
1904-11-01 Overview of Previous Lectures Berlin
1904-11-07 Apoc VI Berlin
1904-11-11 6 Berlin
1904-12-24 Berlin
1904-12-27 Berlin

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