Rudolf Steiner Archive

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 43

In winter's depths is kindled
True spirit life with glowing warmth;
It gives to world appearance,
Through forces of the heart, the power to be.
Grown strong, the human soul defies
With inner fire the coldness of the world.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 17

Thus speaks the cosmic Word
That I by grace through senses' portals
Have led into my innermost soul:
Imbue your spirit depths
With my wide world horizons
To find in future time myself in you.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

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Lectures Given in 1923

Date Title
01/01 Origins of Natural Science: Lecture VI
01/02 Origins of Natural Science: Lecture VII
01/03 Origins of Natural Science: Lecture VIII
01/05 Health and Illness II: Lecture II: The Brain and Thinking
01/06 Origins of Natural Science: Lecture IX
01/07 Lecture: Man and Cosmos
01/07 Man and Cosmos
01/08 Health and Illness II: Lecture III: The Effects of Alcohol on Man
01/10 Health and Illness II: Lecture IV: The Power of Intelligence as the Effect of the Sun; Beaver Lodges and Wasps Nests
01/13 Health and Illness II: Lecture V: The Effect of Nicotine; Vegetarian and Meat Diets; On Taking Absinthe; Twin Births
01/13 Lecture: Salt, Mercury, Sulphur
01/14 Anthroposophy/Civilization
01/19 Lecture: Truth Beauty and Goodness
01/20 Health and Illness II: Lecture VI: Diphtheria and Influenza; Crossed Eyes
01/21 Lecture: Fall and Redemption
01/23 Awakening to Community: Lecture I
01/26 Lecture: Man's Fall and Redemption
01/27 Health and Illness II: Lecture VII: The Relationship Between the Breathing and the Circulation of the Blood; Jaundice; Smallpox; Rabies
01/27 Lecture: Realism and Nominalism
01/28 Lecture: Concerning Electricity
01/30 Awakening to Community: Lecture II
02/02 Lecture: Self Knowledge and the Christ Experience
02/03 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture I
02/03 Health and Illness II: Lecture VIII: The Effect of Absinthe; Hemophilia;The Ice Age; The Declining Oriental and the Rising European Cultures; On Bees
02/06 Awakening to Community: Lecture III
02/10 Health and Illness II: Lecture IX: The Relationship of the Planets to the Metals and their Healing Effects
02/11 Lecture: The Invisible Man Within Us
02/13 Lecture: Awakening to Community - I
02/13 Awakening to Community: Lecture IV
02/17 Cosmic Workings: Lecture II
02/18 Lecture: Knowledge Pervaded with the Experience of Love
02/21 Colour and the Human Races: Lecture I: The Nature of Color
02/22 Awakening to Community: Lecture V
02/27 Awakening to Community: Lecture VI
02/28 Awakening to Community: Lecture VII
03/02 Awakening to Community: Lecture VIII
03/03 Awakening to Community: Lecture IX
03/03 Colour and the Human Races: Lecture II: Color and the Human Races
03/04 Awakening to Community: Lecture X
03/07 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture V
03/08 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture VI
03/11 Driving Force: Lecture I
03/12 Driving Force: Lecture II
03/16 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture VII
03/16 Driving Force: Lecture III
03/17 Driving Force: Lecture IV
03/18 Driving Force: Lecture V
03/22 Driving Force: Lecture VI
03/23 Driving Force: Lecture VII
03/29 Poetry/Speech: Lecture VII: The Uttering of Syllables and the Speaking of Words
03/29 Poetry/Speech: Lecture VIII: The Interaction of Breathing and Blood-Circulation
03/29 Poetry/Speech: Lecture IX: The Alliteration and Terminal Rhyme
03/31 Lecture: The Cycle of the Year: Lecture I
04/01 Lecture: The Cycle of the Year: Lecture II
04/02 Lecture: The Cycle of the Year: Lecture III
04/03 Lecture: The Cycle of the Year: Lecture IV
04/04 Lecture: The Cycle of the Year: Lecture V
04/06 Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
04/09 Purpose of the Goetheanum and Anthroposophy
04/13 Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
04/15 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture I
04/15 Child's Changing Consciousness: Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance
04/16 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture II
04/17 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture III
04/18 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture IV
04/19 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture V
04/20 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VI
04/20 Spiritual Development: Lecture I: The Inner Experience of the Activity of Thinking
04/21 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VII
04/21 Spiritual Development: Lecture II: The Physical World and the Moral-Spiritual Impulses
04/22 Child's Changing Consciousness: Lecture VIII:
04/22 Spiritual Development: Lecture III: Man's Faculty of Cognition in the Etheric World
04/28 Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
04/29 Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
05/02 The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
05/07 Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
05/07 Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
05/14 Eternal Soul of Man in the Light of Anthroposophy
05/16 Man's Being: Lecture I: On the Nature and Destiny of Man and World
05/17 Man's Being: Lecture II: Life between Death and a New Incarnation
05/17 Lecture III: WORLD-PENTECOST: The Message of Anthroposophy
05/17 Easter/Pentecost: Lecture III: The Pentecost of the World
05/18 Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
05/18 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture VII
05/18 Man's Being: Lecture III: Our Experiences at Night, Life after Death
05/19 Man's Being: Lecture IV: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 1
05/20 Man's Being: Lecture V: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 2
05/20 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture VIII
05/21 Man's Being: Lecture VI: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 3
05/23 Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
05/27 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture I
06/01 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture II
06/02 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture III
06/03 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture IV
06/08 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture V
06/09 Arts and Their Mission: Lecture VI
06/10 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture One: The Homeless Souls
06/10 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture I: Homeless Souls
06/11 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Two: The Unveiling of Spiritual Truths
06/11 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture II: The Theosophical Society: A Common Body with a Conscious Self. Blavatsky Phenomenon
06/12 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Three: The Opposition to Spiritual Revelations
06/12 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture III: Critical Judgment and Colour of the Times
06/13 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Four: Spiritual Truths and the Physical World
06/13 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture IV: Blavatsky's Orientation: Spiritual, but Anti-Christian
06/14 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Five: The Decline of the Theosophical Society
06/14 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture V: Anti-Christianity. - The Healing of the Gulf.
06/15 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Six: The Emergence of the Anthroposophic Movement
06/15 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture VI: The Two First Periods of the Anthroposophic Movement
06/16 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Seven: The Consolidation of the Anthroposophic Movement
06/16 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture VII: The Third Stage: The Present Day. - Life-Conditions of the Anthroposophical Society
06/17 Anthroposophic Movement: Lecture Eight: Responsibility to Anthroposophy
06/17 Anthroposophic Movement (1938): Lecture VIII: Conclusions: The Anthroposophical Society and its Future Conduct.
06/21 Preparing for a New Birth
07/11 Course for Priests: Lecture I
07/12 Course for Priests: Lecture II
07/13 Course for Priests: Lecture III
07/14 Course for Priests: Lecture IV
07/15 Lecture: Gnostic Doctrines and Supersensible Influences in Europe
07/27 Lecture: The Spiritual Individualities of the Planets
07/29 Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
08/05 Education: Lecture I: Science, Art, Religion and Morality
08/06 Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
08/07 Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
08/08 Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
08/09 Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
08/10 Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
08/11 Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
08/12 Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
08/13 Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
08/14 Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
08/15 Education: Lecture X: Physics, Chemistry, Handwork, Language, Religion
08/16 Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
08/19 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture I: First Steps towards Imaginative Knowledge
08/20 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture II: Inspiration and Intuition
08/21 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture III: Initiation-Knowledge -- New and Old
08/22 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IV: Dream Life
08/23 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds
08/24 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VI: The Ruling of Spirit in Nature
08/25 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VII: The Interplay of Various Worlds
08/26 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VIII: During Sleep and after Death
08/26 Lecture: A Lecture on Eurythmy
08/27 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IX: Experiences between Death and Rebirth
08/28 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture X: Man's Life after Death in the Spiritual Cosmos
08/28 Lecture: Polarities in Health, Illness and Therapy
08/29 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XI: Experience of the World's Past
08/30 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man
08/31 Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XIII: The Entry of Man into the Era of Freedom
09/02 Lecture: Man As A Picture of The Living Spirit
09/10 Lecture IV: The Sun-Initiation of the Druid Priest and His Moon-Science
09/14 Lecture I: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
09/15 Lecture II: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
09/16 Lecture III: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
09/22 Cosmic Workings: Lecture III
09/26 Esoteric Development: Lecture III: Supersensible Knowledge: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Age
09/26 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture I: Supersensible Knowledge: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Age
09/27 Lecture: Michaelmas-Soul: Lecture I
09/28 Lecture: Michaelmas-Soul: Lecture II
09/29 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture II: Anthroposophy and the Ethical-Religious Conduct of Life
09/30 Lecture: Michaelmas-Soul: Lecture III
10/01 Lecture: Michaelmas-Soul: Lecture IV
10/05 Four Seasons/Archangels: Lecture I: The Michael Imagination
10/06 Four Seasons/Archangels: Lecture II: The Christmas Imagination
10/07 Four Seasons/Archangels: Lecture III: The Easter Imagination
10/08 Lecture: On the Nature of Butterflies
10/12 Four Seasons/Archangels: Lecture IV: The St. John Imagination
10/13 Four Seasons/Archangels: Lecture V: The Working Together of the Four Archangels
10/15 Lecture: Michaelmas III: The Michael Inspiration
10/15 Deeper Education: Lecture I: Gymnast, Rhetorician, Professor: A Living Synthesis
10/16 Deeper Education: Lecture II: Forces Leading to Health and Illness in Education
10/16 Deeper Education: Lecture III: A Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in the Teacher
10/19 Man/Symphony: Lecture I: Man as Microcosm
10/20 Man/Symphony: Lecture II: The Sun in Relation to the Outer Planets
10/21 Man/Symphony: Lecture III: Physical and Spiritual Substance
10/26 Man/Symphony: Lecture IV: Butterfly and Plant
10/27 Man/Symphony: Lecture V: Butterflies, Birds and Bats
10/27 Cosmic Workings: Lecture IV
10/28 Man/Symphony: Lecture VI: Evolution of Animals and Man
10/31 Cosmic Workings: Lecture V
11/02 Man/Symphony: Lecture VII: Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders and their Relations to Ethers and Plants
11/03 Man/Symphony: Lecture VIII: Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders and their Relations to Various Animals
11/04 Man/Symphony: Lecture IX: Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders and their Various Activities and Attitudes
11/09 Man/Symphony: Lecture X: The Origin of the Different Systems of Man: Metabolism, Rhythmic, Nerve
11/10 Man/Symphony: Lecture XI: Food, Digestion, Plants, and Carnivorous Animals
11/11 Man/Symphony: Lecture XII: Convention and Morals, Bones and Hatred
11/13 Supersensible Man: Lecture I
11/14 Supersensible Man: Lecture II
11/15 Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
11/16 Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
11/17 Supersensible Man: Lecture III
11/17 Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
11/18 Supersensible Man: Lecture V
11/23 Mystery Centres: Lecture I
11/24 Mystery Centres: Lecture II
11/25 Mystery Centres: Lecture III
11/26 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture II
11/28 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture III
11/30 Mystery Centres: Lecture IV: The Ephesian Mysteries of Artemis
12/01 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture IV
12/01 Mystery Centres: Lecture V
12/02 Mystery Centres: Lecture VI
12/05 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture V
12/07 Mystery Centres: Lecture VII: The Mysteries of Hibernia
12/08 Mystery Centres: Lecture VIII
12/09 Mystery Centres: Lecture IX
12/10 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VI
12/12 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VII
12/14 Mystery Centres: Lecture X: The Chthonic and the Eleusinian Mysteries
12/15 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VIII
12/15 Mystery Centres: Lecture XI: The Secret of Plants, of Metals, and of Men
12/21 Mystery Centres: Lecture XII: The Mysteries of the Samothracian Kabiri
12/22 Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture IX
12/22 Mystery Centres: Lecture XIII: Transition from the Spirit of the Ancient Mysteries to the Spirit of the Mysteries of the Middle Ages
12/23 Mystery Centres: Lecture XIV: Human Soul-Strivings During the Middle Ages the Rosicrucian Mysteries
12/23 Christmas Conference: Lecture 1: Introduction to the Eurythmy Performance
12/24 Christmas Conference: Lecture 2: The Opening of the Christmas Foundation Conference, by Rudolf Steiner
12/24 Christmas Conference: Lecture 3: Rudolf Steiner's Opening Lecture and Reading of the Statutes
12/24 World History: Lecture I: Evolution of the Soul and of Memory
12/25 Christmas Conference: Lecture 4: The Laying of the Foundation Stone
12/25 Christmas Conference: Lecture 5: The Foundation Meeting, 25 December, 11.15 a.m.
12/25 Christmas Conference: Lecture 6: Meeting of the Vorstand and the General Secretaries
12/25 World History: Lecture II: Mysteries of 'Asia'
12/26 Christmas Conference: Lecture 7: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 26 December, 10 a.m.
12/26 World History: Lecture III: Asiatic Mysteries of Ephesus, Gilgamesh and Eabani
12/27 Christmas Conference: Lecture 8: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 27 December, 10 a.m.
12/27 World History: Lecture IV: Atlantean Wisdom in the Mysteries of Hibernia, Gilgamish and Eabani at Ephesus, Logos Mysteries of Artemis at Ephesus
12/27 Der Grundstein
12/27 The Foundation Stone Meditation
12/27 La Piedra Fundamental - Meditación
12/28 Christmas Conference: Lecture 9: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 28 December, 10 a.m.
12/28 Christmas Conference: Lecture 10: Rudolf Steiner's Contribution During The Meeting of the Swiss School Association
12/28 World History: Lecture V: Mysteries of the East, West, and of Ephesus
12/29 Christmas Conference: Lecture 11: Meeting of the Vorstand of the General Anthroposophical Society
12/29 Christmas Conference: Lecture 12: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 29 December, 10 a.m.
12/29 World History: Lecture VI: Mysteries of the Ancient Near East Enter Europe
12/30 Christmas Conference: Lecture 13: Continuation of the Foundation Meeting, 30 December, 10 a.m.
12/30 World History: Lecture VII: The Fifteenth Century and the Transition from Mind-Soul to Spiritual-Soul
12/31 Christmas Conference: Lecture 14: Meeting of practising doctors, 31 December 1923 at 8.30 in the morning
12/31 Christmas Conference: Lecture 15: The Idea of the Future Building in Dornach
12/31 Christmas Conference: Lecture 16: Open Discussion of Swiss Delegates
12/31 World History: Lecture VIII: The Burning of the Ephesian Temple and the Goetheanum
12/31 Christmas Conference: Lecture 17: The Envy of the Gods - The Envy of Human Beings

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